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MPT INTERNATIONAL Metallurgical Plant and Technology 2 April 2016 Efficient hot metal pretreatment while lacking premium ore grades New rolling and strip processing complex of Shandon Rizhao Steel

In this issue, MPT International provides a wide range of topics covering the whole value chain of steel production. Starting and upstream operations, such as ore preparation and hot metal treatment, the gamut of articles embraces EAF steelmaking and continuous casting technology as well as downstream rolling and forming operations.

The upstream production stage of hot metal making is being challengins by the limited availability of high-quality iron ore and the highly volatile prices of these selective qualities.First of all, the right mix of raw materials has to be determined – not only for the blast furnace but as early as for the sinter plant.Engineers from Germany have developed and built a facility that fully automatically produces small batches of sinter as pre-production test.The facility not only determine the quality parameters of the sinter product made from varying ore grades but also measures the emissions generated during the sintering process for the specific materials charged.As the recipes and all operational parameters are saved as test data records, they will be available at any time in the future.Whilst the article provides a general overview, the provided QR code links to a video on You Tube showing the sinter test facility in operation.


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